Dear Client:

«FIDUWHAT legal and closing services», the law firm of América Ramírez Cárdenas. We are now offering a full range of legal services, including the following:

CLOSINGS: has extensive experience in Real Estate Law. She will be overseeing the entire closing process, including reviewing the terms of the offer to purchase, obtaining the formalized trust instrument (this includes dealing with the broker, drafting the offer, reviewing all preliminary contracts, title search, obtaining the necessary permits from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, appraisals, government certificates, reviewing the draft of the public instrument as prepared by the Notary Public, execution of the instrument, payment of taxes and filing the finalized public instrument before the Department of Official Property Records (Catastro), Public Registry of Property and Commerce, etc.).

The entire process will be handled and overseen by an experienced licensed Attorney who will provide the legal expertise required to complete your real estate transaction successfully.

AMENDMENTS TO THE TRUST INSTRUMENT: This includes assignments of beneficiary rights, amendments in the designation of substitute beneficiaries, trustee substitutions, etc.

LITIGATION: including business and corporate law, agrarian law, family law and labor law. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions. We will be glad to assist you in all steps of your real estate transaction. If you have a legal issue that requires to be handled efficiently and effectively by an experienced attorney, look no further. Contact us today! You will receive the benefits of our experience, efforts and dedication.